The Shared Waters project embeds MWEEs into the district and school curriculum, trains a cohort of teachers to become experts in local watershed conditions and MWEE implementation, supports an upstream/downstream collaboration between schools in PA and VA, and institutionalizes MWEE instruction in teacher preparation programs.

Shared Waters

preparing the next generation of environmental stewards

For the past two years we have been able to take our 4th graders on a field trip to Captain John Smith Chesapeake Historic Trail. It perfectly tied together everything we had been learning in the Shared Waters Curriculum with what we were doing in our 4th grade social studies unit.

The students had fun being part of the design process, building the filter and making observations. They also really enjoyed the leaf pack lessons!

The Shared Waters curriculum provides high student engagement as well as a way of solving a current problem that students will face their entire lives.

The students are always reminding me of how they saw something that could be harmful to the watershed and how they thought of a way to better support those environments.

The students love the hands-on learning! The lessons and kits make the lessons easy to teach such powerful and meaningful information to our students.

This experience is amazing. The curriculum and supplies provided made what at first felt like a really big undertaking very doable.

It was a great hands on curriculum that the students LOVED! It really opened their eyes to how scare our freshwater is and how we should protect it.

We took a field trip to Captain John Smith Historic Trail and it was amazing to see the students do a creek study and use the knowledge learned from the lessons in real life!

Watching the students undertake the activities reminded me why I became a teacher and it has inspired me to try and carry this hands on student led approach into more parts of our curriculum.

The students love the hands-on learning! The lessons and kits make the lessons easy to teach such powerful and meaningful information to our students.

The students are engaged and empowered by the lessons and activities. They are high interest activities and lessons! Well done!

The curriculum teaches that water is scarce and needs ambassadors to champion for its use. Students take ownership of the quality of water in their community.

Everything is already done for you. The lessons are fun, engaging, educational, and so valuable!

Students learn how simple actions they take can have a big impact on their local and global communities.

The Shared Waters Project is a hands-on way to get students invested in protecting the area in which they live.

This is the most engaged and excited I saw my students all year. It is inspiring to watch them learn and problem solve.

Shared Waters has provided valuable resources and a level of engagement like no other.

Through the Shared Waters Project, students get to explore science topics in and out of the classroom. It is engaging and relevant for students.

Students loved digging through leaf packs, the water cycle bracelets, and the enviroscape demonstration.

About Shared Waters

Shared Waters enriches education by integrating Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEE) into school curricula, providing resources for teachers and actionable learning for students. We aim to cultivate environmental literacy and sustainability, transforming students into knowledgeable advocates who can identify and solve local watershed issues. We provide a comprehensive curriculum, ready-to-use instructional materials, and professional development to foster the next generation of environmental stewards right from their classrooms.

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What is a MWEE?

The Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE) is a learner-centered framework that focuses on investigations into local environmental issues and leads to informed action. MWEEs are made up of multiple components that include learning both outdoors and in the classroom and are designed to increase environmental literacy by actively engaging students in building knowledge and meaning through hands-on experiences contribute to stronger, sustainable, and equitable communities.

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